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Innovation meets social responsibility

Provider of high-quality IT accessories

Our owner-run company was founded in 2015 and has since been successful in the field of manufacturing and trading IT accessories ; tig. We drive the development of innovative accessories for PC, smartphone, tablet and notebook with a lot of energy. The high-quality products that we offer our customers make everyday life easier and optimize the efficiency of digital devices . Our goal is ambitious and is consistently pursued by the entire team: We not only want to offer you a wide range, but also products that are convincing in terms of both quality and price.

Our product range includes:

  • USB cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Network cable
  • Cell phone covers
  • further mobile phone accessories

We also create templates in Word and PowerPoint and take over the programming of Excel programs . As an official Microsoft partner, we are also the right contact if you need coaching on Microsoft products.

Use the full potential of modern technology with high-quality accessories

Digital technologies are indispensable in our private and professional lives. The smartphone has long since become an everyday companion and offers us the opportunity to stay in touch with mobile devices at any time. In most companies, the cell phone is now the most important means of communication and indispensable for smooth business operations. Unfortunately, the accessories, such as USB or network cables, often do not meet the requirements of commercial use. Inferior workmanship means that the cables break very quickly. That is why we have developed our own products and eliminated the weak points in the process. The cables are made of TPE, a modern plastic that can even be welded. We use a high-quality aluminum-zinc mixture for the connections. Our quality standards are high and the results are impressive: The cables can be kinked up to 4,000 times and allow up to 4,800 charging cycles - This means that the cable will last for more than 10 years when charged daily .

Trading in high-quality IT accessories: expertise meets experience

Our company develops and produces accessories for digital devices such as smartphones, notebooks, tablets and PCs. Our focus is on offering high performance at a low price . We rely on modern technology and robust workmanship, which guarantees a long service life for our products. Ultimately, it is these important accessory parts that every day support companies on their way to digitization and increase performance.

Digitization is perhaps the greatest challenge that our generation has to face. With digital technologies, the economy is changing at least as much as it was in the age of the industrial revolution. Now as then, the following applies: Those who use new technology before all other companies in the industry do, have decisive advantages. Unlike in the age of the industrial revolution, however, the consequences of innovative corporate management are much more far-reaching today: In addition to digitization, globalization sets the requirements for economic success.

So that you and your company are prepared for these challenges, we offer you the right & ldquo; armor & rdquo ;: high-quality accessories such as charging cables for Your IT infrastructure . Equip your employees with the equipment that works reliably with both stationary and mobile digital technology applications. In order to meet our high quality standards, we develop the accessories in-house and ensure that the product e are manufactured to the highest quality. We always keep an eye on a fair price-performance ratio . We are aware that paying attention to the cost side is essential for your company.

Start with us in the direction of digitization

Ten years ago there were still companies that were able to assert themselves successfully in the market without using digital technologies. For a long time, SMEs in particular, the backbone of the German economy, concentrated on optimizing core competencies . Unfortunately, in many cases valuable time was wasted that was used by competitors.

Now, however, every company, whether a medium-sized industrial or family-run craft business, knows one thing: It is necessary to take steps towards digitization. This is the only way to successfully establish yourself on the market and assert yourself against the competition. We support you on your individual path to a successful entrepreneurial future. That is why we offer you well thought-out products with which smartphones, notebooks, tablets or PCs develop their full potential. IT accessories from our company meet the highest demands on technical functionality and durability. You will immediately recognize the difference and appreciate it in daily use: Finally, charging cables that do not break immediately and that also function reliably in a commercial context.

Start into a successful future with modern software

We develop user-friendly templates for our customers and plans as well as Excel programs that make everyday work easier . Many of our customers are amazed when they discover the benefits that templates created by us offer in their day-to-day work. On request, we also hold seminars in the field of application. Benefit from increased productivity, smoothly running business processes and improved corporate success .

Word templates specially tailored to your company >, Excel Templates and Programs as well as PowerPoint templates are indispensable tools for increasing the efficiency of your company. If you are interested in these services, we would be happy to make you an individual offer for your company. Let us know your requirements and we will create the appropriate templates and Excel programs.

Partner program: achieving more together

In order not only to further increase our success, but also to achieve synergies for you as a customer, we have a Affiliate Program launched. The cooperation with our commercial partners and a growing number of private customers makes it possible to create an affiliate program with lucrative commissions to offer. We would be happy to inform you about the option of productive cooperation. Just get in contact with us or refer to the section & ldquo; partner program & ldquo; the relevant information.

The social responsibility of economic success

Globalization allows the world to grow together and also directs our attention to grievances around the globe. We are aware of our responsibility for people and the environment and are ready to take them on. For this reason, we have not only focused on the economic development of our company from the start, but have also pushed our commitment to social causes .

Our main focus is on the children . The future belongs to the new generation and it will crucially depend on these young people whether this is a future in an intact environment and in good condition ding societies will be. At the same time, the young generation all over the world needs our protection. Only when children grow up in social peace, participate in education and their mental and physical health is taken care of, will a high-performing generation grow up that is up to the enormous challenges.

For this reason we are actively committed to child and youth work. The founder and owner of IT-Systemhouse by Sir Rowland IT Christian Geschwandtner is the initiator of the association Schwarzer Falke e.V. in Hagen. The association has set itself the goal of optimizing the support for children and young people in the region and is also involved in the areas of elderly care, sport and health promotion, craft and industry promotion as well as digital promotion. We pursue the goal of making the region fit for the future.
Of every order & nbsp; 10 percent to the association Schwarzer Falke e.V. .

Promotion of environmental projects

Our commitment in the field of environmental protection is the result of the knowledge that economic success goes hand in hand with social responsibility and the duty to work for the preservation of the environment. This happens in different ways. For example, we send our products exclusively climate neutral with DHL & ldquo; GoGreen & ldquo; and donate 10 percent of every order to the foresters in Germany for the reforestation of our forests ; lder. The only exception is our current involvement in Australia. There we donated 5,000 tree saplings to help cope with the environmental disaster following the devastating forest and bush fires in winter 2020.